Children’s TV Shows The Whole Family Will Love

May 14, 2020

How does your family like to spend time together? Everyone has different interests, and it can be hard to find activities that the entire family will enjoy. Gathering together to watch a show is the perfect way to connect. We’re sharing three Children’s TV Shows that the entire family can enjoy together!

Howdy Doody

Did you watch Howdy Doody in your household? It’s hosted by Buffalo Bob Smith with puppet, Howdy Doody. This show was the first nationally televised American children’s TV program and it became a prototype for the years to follow. It’s filled with catchy songs, games, and skits that will make you laugh. Get ready for silly catchphrases and a whole lot of fun, this show is the perfect way to pass your time. You can start watching it right now!

Felix the Cat

Felix the Cat made its first debut in the silent film era, and became a household name over the past 80 years. This funny cat is bound to make you laugh as he gets into all kinds of mischief around town. This character has had many revivals over the years, and it’s been fascinating to see him grow and change. See what kind of trouble Felix The Cat is getting into today!

Cubby Bear

Do you love a show with a great soundtrack? Cubbie Bear was created by the studio animator, Mannie Davis. These cartoon characters are fun and charming, and they are some of  the best the Van Beuren studios ever produced. Get ready for jazzy soundtracks, crazy animation, and a lot of jokes. Cubby Bear has been around since 1933, and he is sure to keep you and your family entertained!