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Barbara O’Neill is a renowned, much loved Nutritionist and Health Director at the Misty Mountain Health Retreat. Barbara’s primary focus is on recovery by teaching the secrets of optimum health through proper nutrition. You can review Barbara’s videos on ETV under “Health and Wellness”. For more information about Misty Mountain Retreat and Barbara O’Neill, please go to:
David Rives’ world travels and research has made him an in-demand speaker with an abundance of knowledge.  His powerful and inspirational delivery makes learning about Bible history and science fun and easy for audiences of all ages. For more information about David Rives, please go to:
Through the years, Dr. Jones has worked to bring his love for Gospel Music to the world by producing and hosting Gospel Music programming featuring well-known personalities. Dr. Jones music can be found in the “Music” category of ETV under “Dr. Bobby Jones Presents” and “Time 4 Video Gospel”.  for more information about Dr. Jones, please go to:
Janet Ivey, creator of Janet’s Planet, states that, “….unless we tap and fuel the scientific potential of our youth, the next generation of inventors, scientists and space explorers are in danger of not coming into being with numbers great enough to impact the needs of the global community”. To view “Janet’s Planet” please go to the “Science Category” on ETV. For more information about Janet Ivey, please go to:
With 18 Grammy Awards to his credit and traveling with his internationally popular Orchestra, Jimmy Sturr has made life-long friends from around the world.  If it’s Polka that you love, then it gets no better than Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra. To enjoy Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra, click on “Music” on ETV. For more information about Jimmy Sturr, Please go to:
Justin Wilson wrote and published his first Cajun Cookbook in 1960 and launched his entertainment and cooking career which grew to a national syndicated cooking show on PBS. You will enjoy Justin’s shows on ETV by going to the “Cooking” category and clicking on Justin Wilson.  For more information about Justin Wilson, please go to:
Lion Mountain Media is an independent motion picture and television production company dedicated to producing family programming designed to entertain, educate and motivate audiences.  You can enjoy Lion Mountain’s amazing productions in the “Wild Animal Adventures” on ETV.  For more information about Lion Mountain, please go to: www.LionMountain.TV
Larry Ferguson is connected. It’s like he knows every personality in Nashville from TV, Film and Music. You will enjoy Larry’s fun and insightful conversations as well as a little music from some of his guests. Shot on location in Nashville. Check out Larry’s shows in the “Interviews” in “Music and Interviews” on ETV. For more information about Larry Ferguson, please go to:
Some of America’s most popular Gospel Music Personalities appear on MGM with host Bill Traylor. You will here them perform all of their most popular songs as well as some of the classic songs loved by all. You can find “My Gospel Music” in the “Music and Interviews” section on ETV. For more information, please go to: www.MyGospelMusic.TV
Studio 23 is a mixture of Music and Talk featuring interesting personalities who make the music. Musicians, Writers and Producers tell their stories with live acoustic music to back up their talent. Studio 23 can be found in the “Music and Interviews” section of ETV. For more information about Studio 23, please go to:

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